As plastic surgery-trained hand surgeons, we have unique and comprehensive training in the treatment of all different tissues from skin to nerves to vessels to tendons to ligaments to bone.  We aim to use our background and experience to help people from infancy through adulthood and promise to comprehensively evaluate and treat you in an individualized and thorough fashion.

Washington Univeristy Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also offers a convenient alternative to the operating room for many common hand problems that require surgical treatment, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, cyst/mass removal, tendonitis, and other procedures. Kelly Currie, MD, performs Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) hand procedures, which have been proven to be a safe alternative when compared to the traditional operating room setting and have no increase in complication rate. 

We look forward to being a member of your treatment team for evaluation and management of your upper extremity, hand or finger tip condition.

Please call us to discuss these and other conditions:

  • Pain of the arm, wrist, fingers (such as from arthritis, tendonitis)
  • Broken bones (from the forearm, through the wrist to the hand and fingers—which may be treated with splinting, casting or surgery)
  • Lumps and bumps (cysts, masses, infections, cancers or other lesions)
  • Loss of function (weakness, stiffness, paralysis)
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Skin problems (scars, contractures, cancers)
  • Trauma and emergencies (broken bones, tendon/nerve/vessel injuries, replants)
  • Wounds (from burns, trauma or other reasons)
  • Congenital conditions (such as extra/missing fingers, syndactyly [fingers or toes that are fused together or have webbing between them], amniotic bands)

Our surgeons see adult patients in the Center for Advanced Medicine, Sixth Floor-Suite G, and work closely with therapists in the Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center, which is located next door. Surgeons and therapists typically see hand patients together during their visits. Physical rehabilitation is an important component of treating many conditions.

Children, who may have hand injuries or congenital conditions, are seen at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Surgeries for congenital hand conditions are usually performed when the child is at least three months up to one year old because of the reduced risk of anesthesia and greater development of the hand as the child becomes older.

Surgery may be performed at our outpatient surgery center at the Center for Advanced Medicine, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital or at the main campuses of Barnes-Jewish Hospital or St. Louis Children’s Hospital. All locations are in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

All of our surgeons extensively trained in hand surgery during their plastic surgery residency and have had additional sub-specialty hand fellowship training.

Please call (314) 362-7388 to schedule a consultation with one of our hand surgeons.