Basic Research is the study of life processes that are universal in their application to scientific knowledge. And, where basic research is looking at questions related to how nature works, Translational Research aims to take what is learned in basic research and apply that in the development of solutions to medical problems. In turn, Clinical Research takes those discoveries and innovation for translation into clinical trials involving human participants that become the new treatments and information to benefit future patients. 

Basic and Translational studies are represented within the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratories (PSRL). The labs are a consortium of investigators from our division with a common objective of investigating the pathology, mechanisms, and prospective clinical treatments for the problems still facing plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Our research within the PSRL is addressing these problems by operating under 8 themes that complement the Clinical Programs – Aesthetics, Breast, Craniofacial, Nerve, Tissue Flaps, Tissue Engineering, Wounds, and Limb Transplant – represented by our emblem to signify our long-term mission and goals. 

Our laboratories use cell culture, animal models, and patients’ specimens to provide insights into these problems. Our basic scientists and physician-scientists make discoveries every day, defining the future standards of care. From bench to bedside, innovative research is being actively conducted across our current themes: