Our experienced and talented Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) support, facilitate and coordinate clinical trial activities and play a critical role in the conduct of our research. They assist Primary Investigators from the head to the toe of a research project, ensuring regulatory compliance from initial IRB submission through to project closeout and dissemination of study results. Research coordinators are also happy to assist residents and fellows in their research pursuits.

Carie Kennedy, BSN, RN
Carie has been a nurse at WU-BJH for over three decades. Her first job was in the Burn Unit, work which coincidentally overlaps with the current research she coordinates for the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) in wound care, surgical reconstruction and disability advocacy. Carie has been with PRS since 2017 and her projects include work with Ida Fox’s, MD, nerve transfers in the spinal cord injury population, as well as clinical studies for people with ulnar and median nerve injuries. Carie is involved in nearly all aspects of the research process: obtaining IRB approval, recruiting, enrolling and retaining study participants, writing and submitting reports to federal agencies and sponsors, collecting and analyzing data and disseminating results. Carie holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) from DePauw University.

Colleen Kilbourne-Glynn, MA
Colleen is an English major from Michigan who likes to find the story in protocols and patients. She has over two decades of experience in research-related roles including project manager and clinical research manager. Her work spans phase 1-4 industry studies, PI-initiated studies and cooperative group studies. After 10 years managing government reports, budgets, contracts & invoices, she transferred to the Department of Surgery in 2013 to be a research coordinator. Current projects include industry-funded randomized control trials under Terry Myckatyn, MD.

Corinne Merrill, BSN, RN, CCRN
Corinne is a Research Nurse Coordinator with experience in trauma and critical care. She has worked as an ED and ICU nurse since graduating in 2003. She used her critical care knowledge to become a Research Nurse Coordinator in 2013, coordinating drug and device studies in the ICU, OR and ED. In 2017 she joined Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to focus on surgical patients in an outpatient setting. She has experience across the research spectrum, from first-in-humans drug trials to Investigator Initiated proof of concept studies. Recent work includes decision aid implementation with breast reconstruction patients, a phase I drug study in scar treatment and patient-reported outcomes in craniofacial patients.