Patients seeking gender-affirming treatment deserve care from experts in transgender surgery, as well as holistic treatment plans that are sensitive to individual needs and a support system that doesn’t stop at the hospital doors.

Why Choose Us?

The Washington University Transgender Center stands with the LGBTQ+ community in the fight for justice and health equity. As part of our work to promote an accepting and healthy environment, we provide specific training to our staff on gender topics and make space for all identities and pronouns to thrive. Whether you want a full transition, a more ambiguous appearance that blurs the line between feminine and masculine, or are still questioning, we are here to offer support and assistance.

What We Offer

  • Hormone therapy and specialty care, including endocrinology, gynecology and urology
  • Chest masculinization surgery
  • Breast augmentation
  • Bottom surgery
  • Facial contouring
  • Speech therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Mental health care
  • Social work and legal assistance

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Patient Care

What to expect

At the beginning of your treatment journey, you will meet with an endocrinologist who has special training in transgender medicine. Together, you’ll discuss treatment options using the “informed consent” model, which means the doctor will work with you to determine the best path forward while ensuring that you understand any associated risks and expected outcomes. This model empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence.

To offer you truly comprehensive treatment, your endocrinologist will collaborate with a trusted team of experts chosen for your treatment plan, ranging from specialists in the field of primary care to plastic surgery, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology and adolescent medicine. All the medical professionals you work with will be committed to your health and well-being. 

Our unique approach to transgender care doesn’t end with treatment, however. Because people within the LGBTQ+ and minority communities have long been underserved and discriminated against in health-care communities, we work to make a difference by providing truly equitable care to all who need our services. We will work to help you build a strong, well-rounded health-care community that cares about you. You deserve a team of health-care providers you can trust— in all aspects of your health care, not just in transgender medicine. Our program also offers the services of social workers who will advocate for you in the health-care system and help you find legal assistance if needed.

Preparing for your visit

The Washington University Transgender Center accepts self-referrals or referrals from physicians and mental health providers. While not required, you can submit records from therapist and primary care physician before or during your visit. Your medical history will give the doctor a more complete picture of your health and a better idea of your current treatment needs.

Specialists working in the Transgender Center meet with patients at the following locations:

Patient Resources

Following is a select library of materials you may find helpful, as well as some standard patient forms. 

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