Craniofacial surgery involves the correction of deformities of the face, jaw and skull. These deformities may have been present at birth (such as cleft lip/palate) or have developed after a severe accident/assault, illness or surgery.

Kamlesh Patel, MD, and Alison Snyder-Warwick, MD, provide care for both adults and children at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH). All the surgeons perform pediatric craniofacial surgery through the Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Institute at SLCH.

Services provided in craniofacial surgery include:

  • Repair of fractures or injury to the face, jaw and orbit (old and new)
  • Reconstruction for facial deformities following head and neck cancer surgery
  • Correction of depressed skull deformities and abnormal head shape
  • Correction of ear malformations (congenital and post-traumatic)
  • Reconstruction of the lip and nose from cleft lip/palate deformities (adults/children)
  • Nasal reconstruction
  • Assessment of blemishes, moles, tumors, scars, keloids of the head and neck
  • Treatment or reconstruction of deformities from skin cancer
  • Evaluation and treatment of vascular or other complex malformations of the head, face and neck
  • Management of wounds of the head and neck
  • Cosmetic procedures

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