physician photo

Elizabeth Odom, MD

Undergraduate: University of Arizona

Medical School: Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hometown: Saline, Michigan

Elizabeth Odom

Research Interests

  • Breast reconstruction
  • Aesthetic outcomes in breast surgery and body contouring
  • Access oncologic and reconstructive care
  • Elimination of disparities in  breast reconstruction

Career interests:

  • Breast surgery
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Body contouring
  • General reconstruction

Fellowship plans:

2019-2020 – Dennis Hammond, Partners in Plastic Surgery, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Selected Publications

Odom EB, Buck D. Residency Match List Creation: Who Waves the Wand. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Accepted. May 2016.

Odom EB, Patel K, Odom D. Inpatient Care Versus Subacute Care for Long Term Intravenous Antibiotics: Cost from the Patient Perspective. Journal of Academic Hospital Medicine. 20(3). 2016.

Odom EB, Woo A, Mendonca D, Huebener D, Nissen R, Patel K. Long Term Incisal Relationships After Palatoplasty in Patients with Isolated Cleft Palate. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 27(4): 867-70. Jun 2016.

Odom EB, Snyder AL. Mandible Fracture Complications and Infection: The Influence of Demographics and Modifiable Factors. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Aug 2016.

Admire A, Shanks L, Danzl N, Wang M, Weier U, Stevens W, Hunt E, Weinert T. Cycles of chromosome instability are associated with a fragile site and are increased by defects in DNA replication and checkpoint controls in yeast. Genes and Development. 20: 159-173. 2006.

Odom, E, and Myckatyn T. "Abdominoplasty." Plastic Surgery Case