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Hollie Power, MD

Undergraduate: University of Alberta, Canada

Medical School: University of Alberta, Canada

Residency: University of Alberta, Canada

 Hollie Power

Selected Publications:

O’Grady K, Power HA, Olson JL, Morhart MJ, Harrop AR, Watt MJ, Chan KM. (2017). Comparison of triple nerve transfer and nerve grafting for reconstruction of upper trunk obstetrical brachial plexus injuries. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in press.

Chan KM, Gordon T, Zochodne DW, and Power H. (2014). Improving peripheral nerve regeneration: from molecular mechanisms to potential therapeutic targets. Experimental Neurology, 261: 826-35.

Norton JA, Power HA, and Chan KM. (2008). Modifying the excitability of motor cortex with direct current stimulation. Physiology News, 70: 28-30.

Power HA, Norton JA, Porter CL, Doyle Z, Hui I, and Chan KM. (2006). Transcranial direct current stimulation of the primary motor cortex affects cortical drive to human musculature as assessed by intermuscular coherence. Journal of Physiology, 577: 795-803.