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Colin McInnes, MD

Undergraduate: Simon Fraser University, Canada

Medical School: University of British Columbia, Canada

Residency: University of Manitoba, Canada

Colin McInnes

Selected Publications:

McInnes CW, Vorstenbosch J, Chard R, Logsetty S, Buchel E, Islur A. Canadian plastic surgery resident work hour restrictions: practices and perceptions of residents and program directors. Plastic Surgery, 2017. (in press)

Ratanshi I, McInnes CW, Islur A. The proximal superficial femoral artery perforator (p-SFAP) flap: anatomic study and clinical cases. Microsurgery, 2017; 1-8.

McInnes CW & Giuffre J. Fixation and grafting after limited debridement of scaphoid nonunions. The Journal of Hand Surgery (Am), 2015; 40(9): 1791-1796. 

McInnes CW & Bellan L. Conjunctival melanoma: images in clinical medicine. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2015; 372(19): 1844.

McInnes CW & Lee-Wing M. Five things to know about eyelid ptosis. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), 2015; 187(14):1074.

Arneja JS, McInnes CW, Carr NJ, Lennox P, Hill M, Petersen R, Woodward K, Skarlicki, D. Do plastic surgery division heads and program directors have the tools necessary to provide effective leadership? Plastic Surgery, 2014; 22(4):241-245.

McInnes CW & Goetz T. Management of synovial osteochondromatosis of the distal radioulnar joint with imaging features consistent with malignancy. Case Reports in Orthopedics, 2013; Article ID 589631: 1-3.

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McInnes CW, Benson AD, Verchere C, Ludemann JP, Arneja JS. Congenital midline cervical cleft: report of a case and literature review. The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, 2012; 23(1):36-38.

McInnes CW, Reynolds, RA, Arneja, JS. Management of pelvic heterotopic ossification post-myocutaneous flap reconstruction of sacral pressure ulcer. The Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2011; 19(2):60-61.