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Feng Gao, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery

Graduate School

Ph.D., Biostatistics, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 2003
M.S., Biostatistics, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 2002
M.P.H., Medical Statistics, Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China, 1996

Research Interests

Dr. Gao’s research interest focuses on survival and longitudinal data, including the assessment of clinical prediction rules, the prediction of survival outcome with time-dependent covariates, growth mixture modeling of longitudinal data, and joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data. He is currently providing statistical support for cancer-related studies in the Siteman Cancer Center. His responsibilities include study design, safety monitoring, data analysis, and manuscript/abstract preparation.

Contact Information

(314) 362-3682

Selected Publications

Gao F, Manatunga AK and Chen S.  Identification of prognostic factors for multivariate survival data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 2004; 813-824  

Gao F, Manatunga AK, and Chen S. Non-parametric estimation for baseline hazard function and covariate effects with time-dependent covariates. Statistics in Medicine 2007; 26:857-868

Xiong C, van Belle G, Miller JP, Yan Y, Gao F, Feng S, Yu K, and Morris JC. A parametric comparison of diagnostic accuracy with three ordinal diagnostic groups. Biometrical Journal 2007; 49(5): 682-693.

Xiong C, Gao F, Yan Y, Luo Q, Sung Y and Shi G. On Measuring Overall Heterogeneity in Meta-analysis---Application to CSF Biomarker Studies in Alzheimer's Disease.  Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 2008; 7:286-296.

Gao F, Xiong C, Yan Y, Yu K and Zhang Z. Estimating optimum linear combination of multiple correlated diagnostic tests at a fixed specificity with Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves. Journal of Data Science 2008; 6:1-13

Ellis MJ, Gao F, Dehdashti F, Jeffe DB, Marcom PK, Carey LA, Dickler MN, Silverman P, Fleming GF, Kommareddy A, Jamalabadi-Majidi S, Crowder R, Siegel BA.  Lower-dose (6 mg Daily) versus High-dose (30 mg Daily) Oral Estradiol Therapy of Hormone-receptor-positive, Aromatase-inhibitor-resistant Advanced Breast Cancer: A Randomized Phase 2 Study. JAMA. 2009; 302:774-780.

Kim C, Song KH, Gao F, Wang LV.  Sentinel Lymph Nodes and Lymphatic Vessels: Noninvasive Dual-Modality in Vivo Mapping by Using Indocyanine Green in Rats—Volumetric Spectroscopic Photoacoustic Imaging and Planar Fluorescence Imaging. Radiology, 2010; 255: 442-450.

Gao F, Miller JP, Xiong C, Huecker J, Gordon MO. A joint-modeling approach to assess the impact of biomarker variability on the risk of developing clinical outcome. Statistical Methods and Applications. 2011; 20(1):83–100. PMCID:PMC3039885

Dehdashti F, Laforest R, Gao F, Aft R, Dence CS, Zhou D, Siegel BA, Katzenellenbogen JA,   Welch MJ. Assessment of Progesterone Receptors in Breast Carcinoma by Positron Emission Tomography using 21-[18F]Fluoro-16α,17α-[(R)-1’-α-furylmethylidene)dioxy]-19-norpregn-4-ene- 3,20-dione (FFNP). Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2012; 53:363–370.

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Xiong C, Van Belle G, Chen K, Tian L, Luo J, Gao F, Chen L, Morris J, Crane P, Crane PK, Yan Y. Combining Multiple Markers to Improve the Longitudinal Rate of Progression-Application to Clinical Trials on the Early Stage of Alzheimer's Disease. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research. 2013; 5(1): 54-66.

Xiong C, Yan Y, Gao F. Diagnostic Utility of Gene Expression Profiles. Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics. 2013; 4:158

Lee MK, Gao F, and Strasberg SM. Perceived Complexity of Various Liver Resections: Results of a Survey of Experts with Development of a Complexity Score and Classification. J Am Coll Surg. 2015;220(1):64-9.

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