Meet Our Residents

 PGY 5 Group

PGY 6th Year

L to R:
Scott Farber, MD, SUNY Downstate
Gwen Hoben, MD, PhD, Baylor University
Minh-Bao Mundschenk, MD, Southern Illinois University
Aaron Mull, MD, Indiana University


 PGY 4 Group

PGY 5th Year

L to R:
Louis Poppler, MD, University of Washington
Alexandra Schmidt, MD, Vanderbilt University
Ali Qureshi, MD, Harvard Medical School

 PGY 3 Group

PGY 4th Year

L to R:
Ethan Baughman, MD. PhD, UT Southwestern Medical School
Ketan Sharma, MD, Duke University
Dennis Nguyen, MD, University of California-San Francisco


 PGY 1s 2014

PGY 3rd Year

L to R:
David Grant, MD, Northwestern University
Elspeth Hill, MD, PhD, University of Manchester



 PGY 1 Group

PGY 2nd Year

Trina Ghosh, MD, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Teri Moak, MD,University of Arkansas
Danielle Cooper, MD, Johns Hopkins University


 2016 PGY 1 Residents

PGY 1st Year

Austin Ha, MD, Brown University
Amelia Van Handel, MD, Mayo Medical School
Ema Zubovic, MD, Washington University

 Rajiv Parikh Elizabeth Odom  

Lab Residents:
Rajiv Parikh, MD, Morsani College of Medicine
Elizabeth Odom, MD, Wake Forest